Interview with Top askalo User Zekebamm: "I enjoy sharing my city with the world"

Top_UserToday, askalo had the great privilege to interview the top user of askalo who has over 5500 points: "Zekebamm" from Lexington, Kentucky in the United States. Find out why Zekebamm enjoys askalo so much and how easy it is to gain points and become a city expert on askalo!
Question: Hi Zekebamm, you have been really active on askalo lately, how are you liking askalo so far?
Answer: askalo has really been fun for me! It's nice to submit information about my city and hopefully help others learn about it and enjoy it as much as I do. While researching some of my askalo answers, I've actually discovered things to see and do in Lexington that I wasn't even aware of before!

Q: What do you like the most about askalo?
A: I enjoy sharing my city with the world. I really hope others will use askalo when visiting a new city -- there is a wealth of information available that can really help a visitor get the most out of a new city.

Q: What are your favorite types of questions and answers?
A: I really enjoy finding out about new restaurants of all types, so I guess the "foodie" questions are my favorites so far. But it's also really exciting to find new places in town to check out on the weekends.....I have started a list of "newly discovered" places in town to visit with my husband.

Q: You have the most points out of anyone in your city, your country, and the world! Can you tell us how easy it is to get points on askalo?
A: It's amazing -- I can hardly believe that I am #1 in the world on askalo right now!! Getting points is really easy....I find it enjoyable to answer different questions about my city. Not only am I helping others, but I'm finding new ways to enjoy Lexington myself! I've found new stores, restaurants, etc., that I didn't even know were here -- and I've lived here over 20 years.

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Q: You are a city expert from Lexington. Can you tell us something awesome about Lexington that we might not know?
A: Yes! During the next two weeks, Lexington is hosting the World Equestrian Games. This is the first time EVER that this has been held in the United's kind of a "Horse Olympics" for equestrian events. We are expecting up to 500,000 visitors from over 58 different countries to begin arriving tomorrow. Everyone is very excited about it here!

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Congratulations Zekebamm!

This is fantastic! I never knew it was so easy to get points, yes!!! Watch out Zeke, I'm after you :P

Wow. It's time for me to step my game up. Congrats Zekebamm, but don't get comfortable in the #1 spot. The iPad is mine! Mwhahahaha!

Good job Zekebamm! You have most of the best askalo answers!

Congrats Zekebamm. But don't worry, I am also on the lookout for you! I enjoy reading your answers as well btw! If you're ever in New York, let me know! We can discover the city together! :)


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