October 2010 Archives

mailboxNow when you receive a message from your askalo friends, you can check your messages on the askalo site with the new "My Messages" feature located on your "My askalo" page!
online_messagingHave you ever wanted to communicate more with your friends on askalo to receive more tips about experiences in your city? Do you want to share more of your inside information about things to do and see in your city with a particular friend on askalo?

You've Got Mail! We have added a messaging feature to askalo to give you the ability to write messages to your friends on askalo!
breast_cancer_social_mediaOctober is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every October, several businesses, non-profit organizations, brands, and websites sponsor events and use the color pink to raise awareness and support for the research and development of a cure for breast cancer.

On askalo, raising breast cancer awareness is as easy as asking or answering a question about your city!
ipad_smallTo celebrate the launch of askalo, we have been holding a competition over the last two months to see which askalo user knows their city the best.
  • The competition: By October 31st, show that you know your city the best by earning points as you ask and answer questions about things to do and see in your city.
  • The reward: A brand new iPad!