Shopping in Washington D.C.: Top 5 Places to Shop in DC

Are you shopping in Washington D.C.? Where are the best places to shop in DC? If you don't know where to shop in DC, you are reading the right blog because we have already prepared a list of the top 5 places to shop in DC. Check it out!

Top 5 Places To Shop In Washington D.C.

1. Crystal City
Crystal City has over 100 stores, making it one of the most popular places to shop in the DC area. You can basically find anything and everything in the stores located here.

2. Eastern Market
The Eastern Market is one of the longest-running farmer flea markets in the United States. You can find all kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, and high quality meat products at the Eastern Market.

3. Fashion Centre at Pentagon City
The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City is the perfect place to shop for those interested in buying the latest and best designer clothing. The Fashion Centre has over 100 shops for you to check out in your pursuit of a perfect outfit in Washington D.C.

4. Mazza Gallerie
The Mazza Gallerie is the place to find the latest in trendy outfits and designer shoes. The Mazza Gallerie is the best place to shop in Washington D.C. if you are looking for the best offerings from the biggest brand names.

5. Old Post Office Pavilion and Tower
The Old Post Office may be 120 years old, but you can always find new things to buy at this very popular shopping establishment. The Old Post Office has a diversity of interesting shops that will surely consume the time of any consumer shopping in Washington D.C.

Are you looking for other places to shop, or was your favorite place to shop in Washington D.C. not mentioned in our list? Share and discover Washington DC now.

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