A New Year, a New Blog Series!

Intropduction.png The new year has just started and the askalo team thought this is the perfect time to start a new series of blog posts about various cities around the world. As you probably know, askalo is all about the idea that local people are the people that know all of the best places in their towns. Whether it's a nice restaurant, or the best bakery, the locals can give you the best tips on where you should go.
With that idea in mind, we asked different people from all around the world to write something about their favorite city. Starting next week, every month you can read a new article about a different city. We will write about cities in Germany, Ireland, the United States and many other cities! When you want to know more about a certain city, you can always visit askalo to ask more questions and get more tips about the city.

The first blog entry will be posted next week and is written by our German friend Katharina. She will write about the city of Chemnitz in eastern Germany. If you want to be sure not to miss this blog post, just subscribe now to the RSS feed of this blog or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to stay updated.

Are you excited about our new blog series and interested in writing a blog post yourself? We would love that! Take a look at our page for guest bloggers!

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