Vienna - A Metropolis on the Danube River

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This week, George tells us about Vienna, its must-sees, the traditional tourist attractions and the most beautiful parts of the city.

Name: George
City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Relation to Vienna: Born and raised in Vienna.
Favorite Train: U4 (underground metro)
Favorite Coffee: Melange

George works in the Online Marketing department at Yalwa and will be sharing tips and tricks with us to ensure the best Vienna experience one could ever have. George was born and raised in Vienna and studied Communications and Political Science at the University of Vienna.

Where to go in Vienna and how?
The first important thing one should take care of when visiting Vienna is to secure oneself a ticket for the Vienna Lines/Transport. Vienna has a well-built transportation system that makes all the important tourist attractions easily reachable. I strongly COOL1_small.JPGrecommend purchasing day tickets (Tageskarten) or an „Umweltticket", which is valid for 8 days.

After you have bought yourself a ticket, you may then ask yourself which specific place you would like to first set foot on, with the array of historical and culturally-rich choices Vienna has to offer. There is always a perfect destination depending on one's preference. There are numerous tourist attractions and museums, many of them tracing their roots from the time of kings. These are the classic must-sees. For the shopping and lifestyle fanatics out there, the city of Vienna offers the perfect experience for you with its boutique-filled streets, restaurants, coffee houses, bars, clubs and party places.

Classic Tourist Attractions in Vienna

COOL3_giantwheel_small.JPGA lot of classic tourist attractions can be found in the core of Vienna - the first must-see destination being the „Inner city" itself. This district offers a row of tourist attractions that make for a photographer's dream. Photos from this place will definitely awaken the curiosity of family members left back home who are interested in history. St. Stephen's Cathedral (built in 1147), the Vienna State Opera and the University of Vienna (the oldest university in the German-speaking world) are can be found here. Tourists who want to re-live the classic cultural side of Vienna can also take a coach ride (called „Fiaker" in Vienna) around the Ringstraße area.

Ringstraße is home to the Austrian Parliament, the Viennese City Hall and the Museum of Historical Art and Nature (Natur - und Kunsthistorische Museum). Both museums offer extraordinary art collections as well as natural science exhibits (my parents always had to take me there on the weekends to see the dinosaur skeletons) and are two of the best museums in Vienna aside from the Albertina and MUMOK. Other classic points of interest worth seeing in the city are the Schönbrunn Palace as well as the Wiener Prater (Fair) and of course, the giant ferris wheel.

In the upcoming week, George will continue telling us about his city and will take us on a shopping tour through this historical city.

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Looks like Vienna would also be a good place for Architectural Tourism. The Hundertwasserhaus looks like the most interesting apartment building ever!

The first place I would really want to go to is Hongkong. I think Vienna will be the next place I would love to go to. Thanks for sharing about Vienna.

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