Bristol: The City of "Brizzle"

askalobanner_esc.png small_harbour.JPGBristol Harbour In this blog series, every week someone from the team talks about their city and what their favorite places and secret spots are. This week Gavin tells us his favorite things about the city of Bristol in England. And in case you are wondering, "Brizzle" is one of the more popular nicknames for Bristol.

Name: Gavin
City: Bristol
Country: UK
Lived here for: 3 years
What is special about Bristol: The vibrant atmosphere of the city
Favorite drink from this city: Bristolian Cider

Gavin Lammin is currently working as an Online Marketing Trainee at Yalwa and is an Alumni of the University of the West of England (UWE) which is located in Bristol, England. He spent 3 years living in the heart of Bristol during his studies and they are amongst the most memorable of his life.


Tourist Attractions in Bristol
If you wish to view the sights of what makes Bristol unique, you simply need to take a stroll through the city and harbor before you quickly begin to see what the city has to offer. To me, the city offers an intangible element that cannot be experienced elsewhere. Some stand out sights for those unfamiliar with Bristol include:

Tips from a local:
As a student living in Bristol, I cannot stress enough how enjoyable the nightlife is mainly thanks to the two resident Universities who contribute to the dynamic and trend setting small_stnicolas_market.JPGSt. Nicholas Marketmusic scene. Hot venues include Bunker, Thekla, Syndicate, the O2 Academy and plenty more. If you are not the clubbing type, you may find one of your favourite bands playing at Colston Hall, or for those of you who enjoy the theatrics, a top West End show in the Hippodrome.

While in the west country, it is mandatory that you experience the local alcoholic beverage of choice... Bristolian cider! This locally produced cider is hugely popular and can be found in many cider pubs within the region. Finding the best place to drink cider can be a bit of a task given the popularity, but never fear! The two top favourites amongst the locals when it comes to a good cider are 'The Apple' and 'The Coronation Tap'.

If you fancy going the extra mile and learning a bit more about the wonders of cider, you can pay one of the many local breweries a visit! This is not limited to large branded companies such as Thatchers, since there are also many local producers of top quality cider who distribute their goods locally at the Bristol Farmers' Market which is located in St. Nicolas Market.

Next week, Gavin will be talking more about popular tourist attractions, landmarks as well as some helpful shopping tips when roaming around the city of "Brizzle".

Photos courtesy of Annkathrin S.

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