Bristol: The City of "Brizzle" (Part 2)

askalobanner_esc.png small_train_station.JPGLast week, Gavin talked about the music and clubbing scene as well as the must-try Bristolian cider which make the Bristolian nightlife "happening" especially for the university students. He also shared tips on where to get cider and which kinds of cider are good. This week, Gavin continues discussing the wonders of Bristol in terms of its landmarks and the art scene and of course, shopping.

The Art Scene in Bristol
Movingly swiftly on from cider, my next recommendation is to explore some of the art on display pasted all over the city of Bristol. Now when I say 'art', it is not in the conventional sense. The big scene in Bristol is street art, or in other words: graffiti. Some of you may have heard of the legendary underground graffiti artist Banksy but there are many others who decorate the streets of Bristol. The majority of Banksy's most iconic stencil pieces can be found in the streets of Bristol while visiting the local hot spots. Finding the best pieces is a part of the fun that allows you to see more of the city in the progress.

small_suspension_bridge.JPGSuspension Bridge Landmarks in Bristol
The most iconic landmark of Bristol is by far the Clifton suspension bridge which spans the Avon Gorge. It was designed by one of the most famous British engineers, Mr. Brunel, but was completed in 1864 long after his death. Starting from the city centre, it makes for a great finish after a day of navigating your way through the city, up into Clifton Village and then resting on the terrace of the White Lion Bar. Or if you prefer to save your legs the effort you can grab a ferry (or bus) from near the harbor and experience an alternative perspective to Bristol.

Other landmark sites include Cabot Tower, a monument dedicated to the 400th anniversary of Cabot's voyage to North America from Bristol which can be found on Brandon Hill overlooking the city. A replica of his ship can also be found in Bristol and it was used to found 'Newfoundland' which is a province of Canada. One other very important historical ship is the SS. Great Britain, made by our man... you guessed it, Brunel. The ship was a technological innovation back in the 1845 with revolutionary features as the world's first iron-hulled, steam-powered ocean ship.

small_wills_memorial_building.JPGWills Memorial Building Shopping!
For those of you not interested in drinking, graffiti or historical landmarks there is always shopping. This is delivered in spades thanks to the shopping area 'Cabot Circus' with nearly 500 retail stores to choose from. This section of Bristol alone can keep you entertained an entire day, although your wallet may be aching by then. Just to give you an idea of the diversified selection of stores, you have an Apple Store, M&S, Zara, Primark, House of Fraser, Hugo Boss, Yo Sushi!, Showcase Cinema, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and plenty more where that came from. The whole area is a sight to behold as well with its modern aesthetics and architectural design.

If my little piece has heightened your interest in the city of Bristol, I would also highly recommend visiting in the summer because that is when it really comes alive with the arrival of many more attractions and appreciation for how vibrant and bustling the city is.

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We would like to thank Annkathrin S. for the images.

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