Tips from a Washington citizen for wintering In Prague

This week we have a published a blog article from our guest blogger William Jones from Washington. In this article he gives tips for activities worth doing in Prague during winter. 

Prague is a European city which is full of festivals, fun for any season and tourists. The only thing is, what most of the visitors from the U.S. do not really know, that wintering in this place could surely give the entire travel delight without any sort of overcrowded conditions. Winter months are actually when the city comes alive. Ironically, it is also the best time of the year to be familiar with the locals and get a taste of the best which this city offers. 

On the other hand, you just couldn't get into such place without knowing where to stay. One good thing is that the webpage finding an apartment in Prague can be a very useful resource to help you find a place to stay there during your visit.I found this page on a website during my trip through Europe where I visited Poland and the Czech Republic. I was looking in the section Krakow apartment before I was choosing an Brussels holiday apartment to stay for a couple of days.

After visiting this website there's no need to worry too much about your stay in Europe as they have plenty of nice places to stay during your holidays. So, if you would if you would like to experience winter in Prague, then here are some of the winter activities that are worth considering.
Snowboarding and Skiing
Two of the best winter activities that you could do, not only by yourself, but together with your kids and partner are snowboarding and skiing. There are places that could offer you half or even full day programs for skiing in the North resort of Prague. We would even include guide, transport, ski passes and even with refreshments

Bobsleigh or dry track
Bobsleigh or dry track in the city of Prague is somewhat popular. They are also open in winter season getting great fun speeding down the track. For some breaking and warming up, you could surely enjoy some hot coffee or sweet taste of wine within the restaurant, seeing the whole track.Paintball war games- playing arcades in this type of fortress are with the covered area just like bunkers with potholes, machine guns, camouflage netting and many other obstacles. It is super fun in all of the weather and there are even lights for the evening games. There are paintball war games activities that you could partake within Prague, most especially when winter.If you are coming to Prague in December, prepare yourself for bundling up. The average high would be about 2ºC or 36ºF and an average low of -2ºC, in which the temperatures are already comparable for Detroit or Chicago in the United States and Zurich in Switzerland. Do not just wait and sit there doing nothing. Simply enjoy winter and look upon the best winter things

AK 47 Shooting
There are actually lots of shooting activities that you could choose from when wintering in Prague. The range got completely covered vicinity for the winter as well as performance cottage with the hot tea and coffee while you are still waiting to shoot. The weapons available that you could choose from are AK47, M16, GLOCK, MAGNUM and many more.

Go Kart Indoors
The karting tracks that are indoors in Prague are actually a great fun in the winter. Its moist air actually makes the track somewhat slipping adding up into the thrills for these karts. If you would like to be thrilled and feel great, this one works the best.

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