Amarillo the Yellow City


While taking a trip on route 66, why not stop by the yellow city of Texas? Amarillo offers many family attractions in its non-green but yellowish desert like city.
Dominated by Native Americans decades ago; Amarillo is the 12th largest city in Texas and it has also become a multicultural area. There are still a few Indian reservations which can be toured along with traditional dances from the Kwahadi dancers!

Living in Amarillo is very nice if you like hot and humid summers of up to 101°F and cold stormy winter days ranging between 48°F - 50°F. Don´t worry air conditioning is everywhere!

On your way through route 66 take a turn into Amarillo, it is a city that offers a lot of activities. Just turn off of I-40 and view the Cadillac Ranch; pick up some colored spray bottles and spray your name on one of the ten Cadillac which have been half-buried since 1975. Enjoy this great atmosphere of spraying legally!

Amarillo meaning "yellow" in Spanish, and the name is a promise There is little to no green areas in this city; however, the Botanical Garden with some traditional plants would be a great place to go for some "green".

palo duro.jpg You will find that Amarillo is a very children friendly city; therefore, it also offers many things to do and see; try the Amarillo zoo, the Air and Space Museum, the Civic Center for our small scientists and astronomers and of course you can not miss out on Wonderland Park and Splash for some enjoyable roller coaster and water rides! If you are really into horses; I would recommend going to the American Head Quarter Horse Heritage center and Museum. You can learn a lot about horses and watch videos on the history of horse races.

So on your next route 66 tour, stop by this yellow city and give it a chance to be your favorite place!

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