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Love That Dirty Water

     The Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts doesn't have the cleanest reputation, but 'that dirty water' is a celebrated piece of the city's tenacious history. The river was initially named the 'Massachusetts' after the local Native American tribe, but England's King Charles I wasn't thrilled. Since then its simply been 'Thah Chaahles' for locals.

Charles Panorama s.jpg

Video: askalo - Discover Your City!

askalo_video In this generation we often want to see something before we read something. Therefore, we have made a cool new askalo video to let you see your location-based question and answer web community in action! Check it out!

Best 2011 Super Bowl Commercials [VIDEOS]

Did you miss the 2011 Super Bowl Commercials? See all of the best 2011 Super Bowl ads here on the askalo blog, thanks to YouTube! Where did you watch the Super Bowl this year? Go to askalo now to share the best and most fun places in your town to watch big sports events like the Super Bowl!

1. Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

Video: Welcome to

askalo_welcome_videoWelcome to askalo, where discovering everything that makes your city awesome is as easy as asking a local!

Check out the askalo welcome video now to find out more about a new fun and helpful way to ask and answer questions about your city!